Gift Your Sibling Sweets This Rakshbandhan

Rakshabandhan has always been one of my most favorite festivals. I have always found it to be a lot more personal even though it may lack the popularity and revelry of Diwali or Holi. But to me it is the most eagerly awaited festival of all. This is partly because of the fact that I have a very loving sister and partly because I have a real penchant for sweets. On every Rakshabandhan my sister used to indulge me with all the favorite sweets including anjeer halwa. So I was naturally a bit depressed this year as Rakshabandhan came nearer as my sister have gone abroad to pursue higher studies. But I still received a pack of sweets including anjeer halwa for rakhi from my sister.

Anjeer HalwaAnjeer Halwa -$9.50

If you are wondering how this was made possible it is because of the many new web portals who are providing numerous sisters and brothers living abroad to send rakhis and sweets to their siblings on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan. Sweets such as anjeer halwa are available at attractive rates with price for anjeer halwa starting at as low as 471 INR at some websites. They are also not charging any extra courier charges. So you can also enjoy the touch of love from your siblings abroad this Rakshabandhan.

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Celebrate This Wonderful Rakhi with Sweets

Anjeer Halwa: The Most Delicious Sweet for the Festive Season

Anjeer Halwa

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Rakhi Gift for Sister

Rakshabandhan CardsRakshabandhan Cards – $3.99

Rakhi, as this festival is coming closer, the question is getting bigger “Rakhi Gifts for Sister”. Sister does more than a lot, without letting you notice how she is managing everything for you. Now I am telling you why this idea of gift is great as this will make her to remember, even when she has some busy schedule, and after a while there are some rustic memories into her mind.

Emotional Feelings

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate – $1.99

 Now knowing the love, care and getting the feelings of childhood when you were quite dependant on her and it did not matter if she is elder or younger then you. Just remember even being a child how she kept each household stuff at particular place, so that everyone would have ease during their routine work. Do you remember how did she use to care for brother especially during the times when Mother can’t be around bust she has always been around you? She always checks with you and she knows more or less what you are doing outside. So she understands you better then n number of friends and such a bond is so sweet that even at various conditions when it seems worst she made it like it’s nothing we need to worry about. She has been putting consistent effort of making thing right at her level. Though unlike every other relation she never comes for her part to play later and such a thing for sure makes you to think about   “Rakhi Gift for Sister”.

Expectation of Sister From Brother


Chocolates – $10.99

All the festivals that we have been celebrating here in India, is for various expectations, but when it’s Rakhi, it’s not about any short of expectations but it’s a mesmerizing  responsibility that we have for either being a brother or Sister and which makes it quite different than the usual festivals. Now I am directly coming to the point what are the options that we do have for welcoming our sisters.

Online Website

Fancy Rakhi - Peacock

Fancy Rakhi – Peacock – $3.75

There are various female centric websites that we can browse, to get some idea. As we may not be as much as updated as girls used to be. It’s always good to get some idea prior to making some decision for options what “Rakhi Gifts for Sister” we must opt. Browsing web not only gives you some ideas of products that you can get for her but it also enables you to check your budget and see the products online, check it’s reviews with other users, it’s impact on people, and it’s worth/price Log on to for the best deals.

Soft Toys

Soft Toys – $6.99

For more info about rakhi gift for sister online Visit- or Contact Physical location Address – 803 Corporate House, Opp. Dinesh Hall, Nr. Income Tax Circle, Ahmedabad – 390009 Gujarat, INDIA or Phone -  +91-9825270174 , +91-79-27544858 / 66054227 / 30613600.

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Celebrate This Wonderful Rakhi with Sweets

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Anjeer Halwa


The food dished up in Rakhi Festival gathering for the whole of India hands out in cooperation to the lacto vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food. The influence of the yummy mouth watering sweets and the sweet disheHalwasans is general and a familiar one in the food stuff which is provided at an assortment of Festivity functions like that of the lovely Rakhi Festival. A number of ordinary and general chow bits and pieces served up at the Indian festivity gatherings are like that of Anjeer Halwa, Halwasan, Butter Chicken, Mutton Biryani, Korma and Tandoori Chicken.

Anjeer Halwa

Anjeer Halwa – $9.50

Different Variety

A range of Vegetarian Kebabs like that of Shami Kabab, vegetarian paneer kebab is doled out at the All the festival gatherings. The yummy and chtaka chilli snacks are in addition given to all similar to that of the illustrious India’s Aaloo chaat along with the yummy tikki chaat. By the side of this yummy food we all stay in the company of the most important dish, Desserts! Sweet dishes that are analogous to that of the Kaju ki Barfi, yummy Gulab jamun, Kulfi Falooda, Rabri Falooda and Anjeer Halwa have been the all time much loved and too much in demand.

Dryfruit Halwa

Dryfruit Halwa – $9.50

Shopping Online

This Rakhi season sitting at home, all you need to do is log on to the online shopping festive portals and place your order right away. The Rakhi super store provides you with a variety of sweet dishes and that too of traditional kinds such as that of anjeer halwa, dryfruit halwa, halwasan, Bombay halvo, mages, dudhi halvo halwa, halwa etc and a lot more is there in store for the varieties that you can get at the Rakhi super store. Moreover, you can also take up gift sets like that of Rakhi and sweets combinations which will help you out in a way to trim down some money along with the mode of cash on delivery.


Halwa – $9.50

Exciting Offers

The icing on the cake is its free shipping mode that is applicable for the season in order to give their customers the best of services for a limited period of time. For more you can also explore or browse the web site to track your orders along with gifting it to any one in India in case you are sitting and missing your close one’s at the unknown land of the overseas. So enjoy your Anjeer Halwa and the Halwasan dishes only with


Halwasan – $9.50

For more info about Anjeer Halwa Visit- or Contact Physical location Address – 803 Corporate House, Opp. Dinesh Hall, Nr. Income Tax Circle, Ahmedabad – 390009 Gujarat, INDIA or Phone – +91-9825270174 , +91-79-27544858 / 66054227 / 30613600.

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Rakhi Threads- The Kids favourate Rakhi

With the thread celebration of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ a couple of weeks away, it’s the perfect occasion for you to enjoy that Rakhi day, with your parents and friends at high spirits is always on. This festival is always special for all aged girls and boys in India because it’s not just any other thread ceremony; it’s the bondage between all brothers and sisters which grows stronger and tougher with each passing day. On this particular day, sisters knot these secret Rakhi threads on her brother’s wrist and pray to God for her brother’s happiness, luck, well being and good health. In return, all brothers’ also downpour with exclusive gifts over their sister’s which show their true love and affection. If you are still wondering which date the Rakhi threads is to be celebrated in India, kindly note this ceremony will be held on 2nd August, 2012. But, if in case, due to your professional jobs, you can’t be present in India at that particular date, you may send beautiful Rakhi for kids through cyber also.

Kids Rakhi

Kids Rakhi – $2.99

Online Stores To Buy Rakhi:

Today’s cyber world is so big, easy and trustworthy that you can know very conveniently send these Kids Rakhi’s along with sweets to your little kid brother, no matter where ever you stay in this world. Whenever, you login to your internet cyber and search down for fancy Rakhi for kids, you will be amazed to find many varieties, color, designer Rakhi’s to choose from. There is a huge range of Rakhi for kids available in these online stores where you will definitely find your Rakhi threads, attached with a pocket size to high range prize tag. There are also numerous online cyber stores who deal with Rakhi threads like Fancy Rakhis, Golden Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis and Rakhi for kids. Generally these Rakhi threads will hardly cost your pocket a minimal amount of $5 or below.

kids Rakhi

Kids Rakhi – $2.80

Different styles of Rakhi’s:

As we all know that Kids all over India will surely be overjoyed with arrival of any festive season or occasions like these in this country. From different cartoon character, funny characters attached with these Rakhi threads which will surely make your little brother excited.


Kids Ben-10 Rakhi

Kids Ben-10 Rakhi – $2.49

If you are searching such an online Rakhi for kids store, which sells excellent quality Rakhi threads and that too available for you at pocket size rate ($5 or so), then is the one online cyber stores you are waiting for. Sent Rakhis through them and also get overwhelmed by your little kid brother. Feels good right!!

For more info about rakhi for kids Visit- or Contact Physical location Address – 803 Corporate House, Opp. Dinesh Hall, Nr. Income Tax Circle, Ahmedabad – 390009 Gujarat, INDIA or Phone – +91-9825270174 , +91-79-27544858 / 66054227 / 30613600.

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Anjeer Halwa: The Most Delicious Sweet for the Festive Season

Anjeer Halwa

Anjeer Halwa – $9.50

Sweets are common for any festivals as they add more beauty and happiness to your festival. Rakhi is a festival where you find splendid variety of sweets. As you all know it is the festival that celebrates the relationship between brother and sister. So it is a very sweet and lovely festival for all. Among the various types of sweets Halwas are loved my many and it is one of the most traditional Indian sweet too. Nowadays there are many varieties of halwa which are more beautiful and delicious. Yes, Anjeer Halwa is a favourite sweet for many. And it is the main sweet for Rakhi festival. They are rich, delicious and are very attractive too.


Halwa – $9.50


Halwasan is yet another delicious sweet which are favourite for many. As sweets are most loved by all it is of no doubt that a sweet box of Halwasan would be a lovely gift for your dear one and they would love it. And now you can get these sweets at very cheap rates and make your rakhi festival more memorable and sweet. So have a look at the splendid varieties of halwas and order your gift box today! Celebrate this rakhi with the most delicious halwas and make it sweeter.

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Celebrate This Wonderful Rakhi with Sweets

It is a fact that there are no celebrations without sweets. In fact, without sweets celebrations are incomplete. And now, there are huge varieties of sweets available in the market to make your celebrations sweeter. It is true that these sweets can greatly make your celebrations sweet and lovely. Festive seasons are the time where you could find the best and the most unique variety of sweets. So here is a perfect choice for you to celebrate your Rakhi with Sweets. Some of the best varieties of sweets available to make your Rakhi lovely are besan sweets, halwa, khaju sweets, mava sweets and Penda.

Diamond Rakhi and Kaju Mix

Diamond Rakhi and Kaju Mix – $13.99

varieties Of Sweets

In addition, these sweets are available in plenty of varieties, flavours and shapes to make your celebration more attractive and best. You can gift these yummy sweets to your dear ones and make your festival lovely. The most amazing matter is that, now you can get these sweets at festival discount rates and save much money too. So have a look at the splendid and mouth watering sweets and place your order today. Celebrate this Rakhi with sweets in the most beautiful manner. So own your gift box today and enjoy this festive season with these delicious sweets.

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