Mava Sweet can re-energize your relationship

You cannot think a festival in India without sweets. Mava Sweet is a very much in demand as most families make it a point to include these sweets on every occasion. It is made from milk product and is available in almost every sweet shop in the market. Mava is also know by the name of khoya and is commonly used in kitchens. It can even be prepared at home although many would not go for it as the method of preparing mava or khoya is lengthy and laborious. It is made by boiling the milk and keep on stirring it continuously until it reduces to a semi solid form.


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Types of Mava sweets:

When we eat the sweets, hardly do we realise that even mava comes in different varieties and forms. One of them is the moulded khoya. This is normally prepared from full cream milk and is made in a big pan or what is commonly called as kadhai. It is made on full flame and the flame is slowed down only when the milk gets thick. You have to take care that the milk does not stick to the bottom and keep on stirring it every now and then. When it is done, the semi solid product is then set in moulds. This is the mava that is use in the preparation of burfies and laddoos.

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Chikna and Granulated Khoya:

Unlike the above mentioned mava, chikna mava is made from low fat milk and is the right thing from making sweets like gulab jamuns. They are even good for making carrot halwas. The other type of khoya that is the granulated khoya is made of full cream milk. Kallakand and ladus are made of these mava. They are difficult to make than their other counterparts, but are equally relished by one and all.

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A Great Energy Booster:

Mava Sweet is abundant with energy as it milk and sugar are the main ingredients in it. Although you cannot consume a whole lot of these sweets at one go, they are definitely a nice way of having something sweet after any meal. These sweets are even offered to Gods and Goddesses. They are distributed when someone buys anything new in the family. They are also used when a new relationship takes place in the family (For example a new baby or a marriage ceremony). The uses are endless and will continue.

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